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Cool places in Dali

When you check the guidebooks about Dali they would probably show you the most known places and things to do: Cycling around ErHai, The 3 pagodas, CangShan mountain hike, etc. While these places are amazing themselves and have a lot to offer there are still a lot of places people usually don't hear about. We are here to show you some other cool places to visit while in Dali.

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Dali Flow Fest

Dali Flow Fest is a non commercial and self financed event. Initiated by Fire Nomads, a French Chinese couple living in Dali, they made this dream come true thanks to the help of Dali community and many international artists coming from around the world ! The purpose is to spread in Dali (a small historical town in Chinese himalayas) the spirit of juggling and flow arts conventions, in a beautiful outdoor venue with the sweetest weather the year can offer in this part of the world.

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