GuanYin Temple

Guan Yin temple entire construction of a rigorous, towering; with hospital lush trees, plants contending; inside the temple cigarettes wind around and Mu Yu sounds can be heard. Pilgrims gathered here is not only what Wenrenmeike travels place is.
Guan Yin temple was designated in Ming Dynasty and restoration on the Qing Dynasty. About Guanyin temple, here are beautiful legends. Legend has it that when the Chinese officers and soldiers invaded Dali, Guan yin disabilities into a old woman with a large grass cable carrying stones on the road meeting with the officers, the invasion troops see her, feel very surprised, they thought: This woman was there such a big effort, and the young people? Thus, the troops were not recidivism, and troops were drawn back. This is the famous Legends of "negative-resistance soldiers".To commemorate Guanyin posterity, An Min-Habitat was build a boulder in a Guanyin temple, inside the temple worship of audio-visual, and then for the expansion of Guanyin temple.

Location: Dali City Wuli Qiao town Guanyin village


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